Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Knew..

I have never heard of, nor done this new little beauty secret...UNTIL NOW.  Who knew you could dye your eyelashes.  I didn't anyway.  Vez, my ginger (red-headed) friend, asked me for help several days ago.  I thought it was going to be serious help for something therapy related.  However, when she told me she wanted me to help her dye her eyelashes - I didn't know what to say.  Putting peroxide that close to someone's eyes just doesn't seem very safe.  She has done it several times back in England and apparently it's been fine.  SO, even being a little nervous about the whole thing, I agreed.

We got out all her supplies and prepared for the task at hand.  Unfortunately, there was limited instructions so she was going from memory and telling me what and how to do it.  To further any hesitations I may have had- the instructions say "For Professional Use Only".  Last time I tried to dye anything personally, it turned out very bad.  But, we pressed on.  Mixed it all up, put on the eye things, and started painting the dye on.  It only takes 5-7 minutes...crazy!  By that time, Sandra had come in the room to "supervise".   I was feeling pretty good about my job until Vez said her eye was stinging.  Fortunately, she said that's normal.  After the 7 minutes was up, took it all off, and her eyelashes were successfully brown.  Just looked like she had mascara on - which was the point.  SO, all was well.

Then she asked if I wanted my done.  It was easy enough so I said sure.  She was much better at painting the dye on than I was!  After my 7 minutes was up, took it all off and looked at my eyelashes - not too much change since they are already brown.  I risked my eyesight for nothing!  Just kidding.  It was a fun process and some good bonding time!


Joeloise said...

Who would've thunk it, eh?? What do you dye the eyelashes with again?? I'm tempted to try it.

Sandra's Latest... said...

good times for sure!

Bethel Bible Church said...

Hi Stef. Jim Smithies from Bethel Bible Church. I need to get in touch with Vez. I'm taking a team to SL in late Oct. - if you can send me her address or my address to her. God bless.