Friday, June 20, 2008

Reacting in Emergencies...

So, I've learned through the years that I am not the best in emergency situations.  I tend to forget all reason and freeze.  Unfortunate as it is, it's just how I react. 

Yesterday, I made the long journey across town to visit the orphanage.  It was so great to see them again.  I had really missed them during the week.  All the missionaries that are visiting had left that morning for their trip up-country, except one girl named Crystal.  We were in the middle of eating lunch when one of the boys burst in the door holding his leg.  There was blood and the look on his face was intense pain.  He uncovered the area and revealed a DEEP cut on his shin.  Deep enough that you could see muscle and even down to the bone.  A clean slice - the result of a fall on the roof.  The story is still a bit unclear but nevertheless, it required immediate attention.

Crystal and I both waited a bit for the cooks or people over the orphanage to react.  Everyone sort of froze.  They didn't.  They were grossed out by the cut and everyone was just standing around.  They did bring a dirty shirt to wrap around it.  It was a bit confusing as everyone is trying to figure out who to contact - as the pastors and the resident nurse were gone on the trip.  Thankfully, Crystal reacted first and ran up to her room grabbed 2 clean shirts and a first aid bag.  We wrapped his leg, talked him through it, and the bleeding stopped.  Somehow, still after 5-10 minutes, no one knew what to do.  Their solution was to put salt in it and leave it (I think).   We decided that we would take Samuel down the hill to a children's clinic because he was definitely going to need medical attention.  A couple of the boys carried him on their backs, taking turns as we headed to the clinic.  Once there, he was seen pretty quickly and they were able to stitch him up.  He was admitted for several hours.  I wasn't able to see him again yesterday but he did ask for food after it was all done - a good sign.

Samuel handled it like a champ.  Unbelievable how much pain he was feeling and how he was able to calm himself.  He was so brave.   

I was so thankful for Crystal and her reaction...that we had each other to help deal with the situation.  So thankful that Samuel is fine and he was able to see a doctor so quickly.

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annam said...

OH MY SOUL!!! and YUCK!! That would have been SOOOOOO wild! I don't even know what to comment here, other than I laughed out loud when you began explaining about yourself in emergency situations.. I was like "OH NO!!!" I'm so glad he was okay!!! I can't believe it wasn't more serious with him losing blood, etc...

Anyhow, I miss you and I'm glad he's okay. Also SO beautiful that they carried him! Those children make me WEEP!