Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Limbs

God is so amazing! In June of last year - there was a group of 28 Americans that came to Sierra Leone with various gifts, passions, and skills. Several of the projects included working with people who suffered from amputations during the war. The organization was attempting to set up a partnership with a local organization to assist in making/providing prosthetic limbs for these amputees. The partnership was not really coming together and so there was limited opportunities for these patients to get new limbs. HOWEVER....God was at work!

The team was traveling to a town up-country (about 4 hours from Freetown) to visit a village where 4HIM had built a school. We left about 4 am and all was going smoothly. About an hour into the journey - our poda poda broke down - oil pouring out from underneath. All the missionaries piled into 2 cars and continued on. We arrived in Makeni and waited for another car for an hour or two. While we were there...a car pulled in the gate...the logo read something like Seattle's Prosthetics and Orthotics. Discussions began between the people from the car and the 4HIM team. Thus, a partnership began.

Between June and October - 40 limbs were provided for these patients. There have been many more since that time. The cost to make these limbs is between $50-100. Amazing that such a small amount can truly change a life.

This year, we were able to go out with a team to see several amputees fitted with their new limbs. Some were receiving limbs that have never had one and others were receiving replacements. It was such an incredible experience. One man in particular, had never had a prosthetic arm. The workers fitted his new arm and he immediately reached to pick up a box. The smile that came across his face was absolutely incredible. He quickly jumped up and began practicing how to use it. He went to the car door and attempted to open/shut the door numerous times. He started writing with a marker and even pinched the man who was working with him. How wonderful to witness such a monumental time in his life. Here's several pictures of the event.

I'm blown way by the awesomeness of God. His perfect timing and his sovereignty. How he orchestrates everything perfectly. If our car had not broken down, we would not been a the hotel to meet this group, the partnership would not have begun that day, and all that's come from it...God is AWESOME!

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